Shefarer-Fiercely Feminine
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Shefarer-Fiercely Feminine


We all face challenges, but how many of us don’t give up and use those challenges to our advantage?

Let’s talk about women in merchant navy and obviously their uphill battles and oblations. Captain Radhika Menon has always been my biggest inspiration. She’s a intrepid, powerful women who’s also the first female Merchant Captain of India whom I look up to.

So it was 5 years ago,when a teen girl decided to choose merchant navy as her profession, who was fascinated by the uniform and with the thought of wandering around the world. Soon after she realised things weren’t as easy and glamorous as they seemed to be. Boom! The opinions, disapprovals and depreciate showed up. Nevertheless, my parents always held me up and I’m so grateful to be blessed with those gems. So ladies, you will be judged, demoralised and mocked. But that’s hardly end of the story. Even after getting into the Institute while perusing her degree in nautical science it wasn’t a cake walk either. It felt like coming out of a refuge to a testing environment where this new girl was constantly trying to get in grip with her 40 male batchmates. It was a whole new experience. Whenever she entered the classroom, it felt like stepping onto another planet, because of the gaze she had to deal with. But slowly, things changed. All the Captains and Chiefs who came to teach encouraged and tried to comfort her so she could ease down.Shefarer-Fiercely Feminine

But as they say, there’s an exception to every rule, here was one and he said “At the end of the day all women have to do is kitchen, laundry and kids!” Yes, I know, that was surprising moreover thought impossible. On top of that by any chance your sweetheart might forsake you because you dream big!


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Someone said,”TOUGH GIRLS WEAR ANCHORS”and that’s true. It takes blood, sweat and tears to go an extra mile on your voyage conquering those storms while adjusting your sails strong to serene waters. Because there’s nothing as beautiful, mysterious, wild and free as Sea.Shefarer-Fiercely Feminine

Eventually, here she is to the end of her last semester hit by a pandemic. I’m very grateful for where I’m at and excited to where I’m going.

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Looking forward to sail with one who protects and nurtures her crew at their wits end. Sail with her…She-The Ship.

Here’s to all women aspirants who love chasing storms.

Behind every successful women, there’s a little girl who never gave up


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Karan Singh
Karan Singh
1 year ago

You nailed it fiercely🔥🔥🔥