Sailing Through Corona Virus
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Sailing Through Corona Virus

  1. “Time And Tide Wait For None”, Seems Like Corona Virus Also Doesn’t!
So this is my third sail in the last 4 years of being married to a sailor. And just as expected, I’m as excited and thrilled to be on board as the first time.
Even though people ask “How long can one see the ocean?” or “don’t you get bored?” I can’t seem to give them a good enough answer because i just can’t put into words how peaceful and relaxing it is to be here. Major reason being away from people, pollution and traffic! This is the ultimate mental detox one can get. I mean people pay a good amount of money for an experience, I’m so fortunate to experience being a Mariner’s wife. 
I could go on and on about how the merchant navy life is the best but this article I’d like to focus my attention to a far more serious and greater issue the world is going through and no ones talking about how the merchant navy industry is at risk.
Sailing Through Corona Virus
Our dear sailors are actually going around the world loading /unloading cargoes even in countries where air traffic has been strictly controlled. No one is talking about how the mercantile industry is braving all odds to fulfil their duty and keep the economies running. Why isn’t anyone appreciating the fact that at a time when countries are banning air travel to other countries and cancelling all possible flights to and fro the worst affected cities and countries, our sailors are still going ahead and keeping the businesses rolling.
The families are worried sick for the ships which will be still sailing to China, South Korea, Japan and other hotspots. yet our men are braving it all. After all the purple stripes on their shoulders were given for a reason! I’d like to shout out to all the brave queens whose husbands are out there in the midst of all this. I’d be gutted to even think of my sailor going to the Asian ports in the present situation. In such times where us wives can’t be of much help, emotional support is all we can provide. Here are some of the suggestions that can be provided for the safety of your sailors.
Sailing Through Corona Virus
      • Refrain from taking shore leaves. Minimum contact from outside world would be recommended.
      • Those handling the cargo must keep washing their hands regularly, if not keep an alcohol based sanitizer handy in your pocket during ports. If sanitizers are not available you can always mix after shave lotion with water(my personal idea of DIY sanitizer in case of emergency).
      • Refrain from shaking hands, use our Indian “namaste” gesture to greet people onboard.
      • Wear masks, eye protection and gloves.
      • Maintain a good distance from anyone you find to be sneezing or coughing in and around the ship.
      • Change boiler suits in dedicated changing rooms instead of carrying them to your rooms to avoid any virus coming into your day/night rooms. Put the boiler suits for washing after port duties immediately.
      • Eat healthy and maintain good hygiene. Low immunity system attracts all diseases.
      • Refrain from believing everything mentioned on social media and whatsapp groups. Read posts and updates from trusted and authentic sources to be fully aware of the situation.
      • Don’t panic, take precaution.
This are the points which I thought that could help our sailors stay away from COVID-19. I hope all the sailors out there have a safe sail and reach their homes healthy. Till then I shall continue to sit on my bedroom window and continue to write more articles for you to read. Also do let me know if you all want me to write on a topic of your choice.
Happy Sailing!

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Rishabh Dhamija
Rishabh Dhamija
1 year ago

Well written

Siddharth Tyagi
Siddharth Tyagi
1 year ago

Such a nice blog
Keep blogging ….