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Life of Cadet (First Ship)


So, cadet life..
Basically it’s work work and work.
You have to learn everything on ship.
Let me keep it simple for you all as I was also searching the best articles but didn’t get that.
So taking my example ;
I have joined couple of months ago and it’s my first ship.
Lots of questions were in my mind what will be ship life, will I be able to adjust and several others questions were roaming in my mind.

That anixety.
I joined my vessel from beautiful andmand Nicobar Islands.
I remember it was evening 6:30 i went with agent on ship.
At bridge where I firstly met the chief officer and captain. That feeling I can’t even tell you I am like where I am, everything is new like my dream come true. For which I have waited for almost a year.
Coming back, Captain then asked me from where you are, said be keen to learn and then he leave. C/O sent me to have dinner and then with 3/O done a familiarisation of ship. Soon after the familiarisation I hit my bed.

Next morning an unusal and irritating sound sound struct at sharp 0345 and that sound was a wake up call for me.
Frankly ,
Mnn nhi ho rha tha uthne ka. Par jana to pada yarr.
Then C/O asked me something about my course, some of them I was not able to answer as I forget some things but then he told me about that.
Later on 0745 I got relief and went for breakfast.
After that at 0830 reported to ships office, chief said to go with welder to help him. Work goes on till 1200. After that I rushed up to my cabin for lunch.
Aur sabse gussa tab lagti hain jab firse uniform wear karna padta hain
Then I take a rest up to 1400 hrs after that again with bosun some work
After that completion of work i went to bridge again at 1630 for my watch.
And wind up at 2000.
Summary of first day was like that I was more than tired. A little bit tears in my eyes. Missing mummy, My girlfriend and everybody.
I am like where I am yrr.
But continued hustling for 7 days then found things geeting better home sickness going slowly slowly. Girlfriend se baate kam hone lagi. But that’s life you have to work hard for your career. To get a better lifestyle…. right person will always wait for you.
Hence, now I am ready for new challenges
Not a very experienced guy so writing less.
Will write more about lifestyle after getting the experience
Thanks for reading my nonsense. It was needed…

Hope to see you all at sea…
Kartik Srivastava ❤️ this side.

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