Is Merchant navy a good career option?
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Is Merchant Navy a good career option?


Merchant navy as a career option? Before joining merchant navy you should have these things in mind

Merchant navy is a challenging career, It is a private sector which is very important for shipping cargo form one place to another. 90 percent of the international trade is done by shipping. So we can see how many job opportunities are there and in country like India it is growing at very fast rate. But it still have advantages and disadvantages as well. we will go through all of them, So you can decide is it a good career option for you or not.

Advantages of job in Merchant navy :-

1. Salary High paying job you can get as much as 10 to 12 lac and starts from 1 to 1.5 lac depends on company to company and this figure is for per month.

2. Travel You will get a big opportunity to travel world wide at no cost.

3. Tax free Yes it is a tax free job, earn in 7 figures without paying tax.

4. Age Become officer at early age.

5. Merchant navy for girls Merchant navy is also a good option for girls, many institutes have relaxations for girls.

6. Holidays You can enjoy your long holidays.

Disadvantages of job in Merchant navy :-

1. Social life You have to live away from home for 6 months straight. people work in merchant navy have very less social life.

2. No salary on vacations You will not earn in holidays. Salary is contract based.

3. High demand Now these days due to increasing number of people are opting for this career the process of getting a job in merchant navy is hard.

4. Challenging In merchant navy sometimes work pressure is too much and it is so hectic to work in these situations.

So now you can decide merchant navy as a career option, It is an attractive and profitable career, you can go for it if you are ready to face challenges and work at sea. If you have any doubt ask in the comment section.

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