Who am I?

I am Udit Ale, currently sailing as a Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy. I came to know about Merchant Navy from my friend. I found this career attractive and lavish. Then I took couple of exams, got selected, wrapped my bags and started my journey in 2017. If I can Inspire and help even one person I will call that a success.

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Hi, I’m Udit ! Welcome!!

What We Offer

I made this blog for the beginners who are willing to join Merchant Navy and have many doubts about how is life at sea & how can they start this wonderful career. So let me try to clear all of their doubts and also for my mates currently sailing at sea could revise their knowledge and learning as well.

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Merchant Marine


Life At Sea

Merchant Marine

How this all began

One day I was scrolling videos on YouTube, suddenly a video named as “What is SEO?” caught my attention and I clicked on that video with curiosity to know about. Having watched the video I came to know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about optimizing a blog so that it can rank higher on google, I read about it more and more then realized that I should make my own blog in which one could get maximum information about Merchant Navy. So my blog (Merchant Marine) is here to help you upto some extent!

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A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

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