10 Things every mariner should pack before joining a ship
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10 Things Every mariner should Pack before joining a ship


Many of you must be joining ship for the first time and wondering what items to be packed. Once you boarded the ship there is no going back so you have to pack smartly while keeping in mind that you do not end up paying extra money for excess luggage. It is difficult to carry heavy luggage, you should have one check-In baggage and one hand bag because it’s easy to carry. We have made a list of items that every Mariner should pack these things before joining a ship.


  1. Documents: You will require one Portfolio in which you can keep all of your important documents like Passport, CDC, Certificates of your various courses, Passport size photos, Joining documents and any other documents. Make sure the portfolio has good enough pages to keep all of your Documents.
  2. Books: If you are a CADET then it is very important to keep your books but you do not have to carry all of them because these days we have books in the cadet library so carry only important ones like ROR. Make sure you carry all of your record books, activity work etc.       TIP: Carry all of your Books and Documents in your hand bag.
  3. Accessories: This is the part that we do not even have to tell you, all of you know it already. Carry some common techs like Mobile, Watch (this I will suggest you to take two, one for working purpose on deck e.g. water resistant type and another for your normal use which you can wear inside the accommodation), Laptop for watching pictures and you can even do some of your project work on it, Headphones, Speaker and any other important item that you think you will need.
  4. Clothing: Uniform (at least 2 pairs), 4 T-shirts, 2 Lowers, 2 Shorts, 2 pairs for outings, 1 Jacket, 1 Hoodie, 1 pair of Shoes, 8 pairs of Undergarments and 8 pairs of Socks.
  5. Toiletries: 3 Toothbrushes, 2 Toothpaste, 2 Face wash,  Shaving kit, 2 Bottles of Shampoo, 2 Bottles of Conditioner, 2 Bottles of Hair Oil.
  6. Skincare: 1 Itch guard, 1 Sunscreen, 1 Moisturiser, 1 Deodorant or Perfume. These are important items because onboard ship it is very important to take care of your skin as the weather is uncertain there.      Items in section 4, 5 and 6 can vary from person to person.
  7. Working Gear: 4 Boiler suits, 1 pair of Safety Shoes, 2 Puffs (face mask for deck work). If you run out of these things you can have new from ship store also.
  8. Side Bag: Yes, it is very helpful while travelling. You can keep your Passport, CDC, Boarding Pass and other small items which you use frequently because you will need to show these things very often.
  9. Currency: Keep some US Dollars, although you will not need but it is better to have some in case of emergency.
  10. International SIM Card: Keep one international SIM Card so you can contact to your home. Now these days you have access to Wi-Fi everywhere and onboard ship also you have access to the Internet but still it is better to have one. You can buy Chilli SIM. It has good coverage signal and top ups price are also fair enough.

You can also download our quick go through checklist so that at the last moment you could ensure you have packed every required items.

10 Things every mariner should pack before joining a ship

 Please, make sure you have given a contact list of your company, agents, etc. to your parents so that in any case of emergency they could contact someone who can tell them your whereabouts. Keep some Native food items, this is not important though but it’s a good gesture if you take some native food items because onboard everyone is tired of eating packed food, they will appreciate and it will create a good bond with your co-workers. Every Mariner should pack these things before joining a ship because these are some very important items that need to be carried onboard.

Hope this article is helpful. Let us know in the comment section if you want to add something or have any doubts.




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