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10 Safety Precautions for Mooring Operation


Mooring Operation

Mooring operation is one of the most important and hazardous job onboard ship.

Accidents due to mooring operation can lead to serious injuries and death.
What do you think what accidents would have occur during Mooring Operation?x
Crew involved in mooring operation should work with safety and awareness. In this article we will learn 10 safety precautions for Mooring Operations, so we could learn them and apply the same for our safety onboard during mooring operation.

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10 safety precautions for Mooring Operation

Safety is the most important priority onboard ship. Mooring should be done in a safe manner to insure safety of crew. Everyone involved in mooring should at least keep these points in mind. 

1. Planning

Normally ships get the mooring plan prior to port arrival so ship can be prepared for mooring. This plan should be discussed with all the crew who are to be involved during mooring operation.By doing this they will get an idea about what and how it is going to happen. Planning is the most important factor which leads to safety.

2. Master and Pilot Information Exchange 

This is very important because for operations like mooring everything should be clear between them. After discussing the plan with Pilot. Master will inform the officer in charge (fwd and aft stations) about the mooring pattern. 

3. Tool Box Meeting

It should be done prior mooring in which officer in charge should explain the pattern of mooring and discuss safety precautions to be taken. He should also make sure everyone have worn proper PPE.

4. PPE to be Worn for Mooring operation

All crew involved in mooring operation should worn proper PPE. Although it will not eliminate the risk but reduce it upto some extent. Here is the list of minimum PPE that should be worn during mooring:

  • Coverall
  • Safety Shoes
  • Safety Helmet
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Goggles

5. Sufficient Number of Crew for Mooring Operation

There should be sufficient number of crew for mooring stations, if required engine crew can also be called for the stations. Only those hands should be on deck which are involved in mooring because the one who do not know about the plan and operation could get injured.

6. Communication

This is very important, there should be no confusion at all among the crew involved in mooring. Many incidents have occurred due to lack of communication. It should be a close loop and effective communication. Channels in Walkie Talkies should be decided before station and if there is too much disturbance in the channel, it should be changed to some other channel with less disturbance.

7. Check mooring rope and equipment

Mooring rope and equipment should be checked for wear and tear. If there is any default immediately report it to the captain. Trying out winches is a good practice that should be followed before commencement of mooring operation. 

8. Tend One Line at a Time

Avoid tending two lines at a time, I know it is fast but could lead to incidents, because the rope may part due to unequal distribution of load. Always tend one line at a time.

9. Avoid Steep Angles

Steep angles should be avoided because steep angles can cause wear and tear in the rope which may lead to parting of rope. Officer in charge should inform master if he think the angle is too steep and rope is touching ship structure (EX- Ship Railing).

10. Continuous Monitoring of Mooring Ropes

Crew on duty should continuously monitor the tending of mooring ropes and adjusting of mooring ropes should be done with extreme care. Tide table should be provided to the people on duty so they can accordingly adjust the ropes. Duty officer on ship’s office should monitor the load on ropes.

These are some points which every mariner should consider for safe mooring operation. We should be aware during mooring. Incidents happens when we hurry up things to complete it fast. I know the pressure of that situation but life is way more important than that. BE SAFE

If you feel anything is missed out which is also important please let us know in the comment section.

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